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Tester - Burberry Brit Summer Edition For Men EDT -

Tester - Burberry Brit Summer Edition For Men EDT

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The Burberry summer fragrances for 2012 represent new variants of the original Burberry Brit for Women from 2003 and Burberry Brit for Men from 2004 - Burberry Brit Summer for Women and Burberry Brit Summer for Men. The original compositions are refreshed to capture the scents of British summer.


Brit Summer for Men includes fresh flavors of ginger, lime, mandarin and cardamom, just like the original. Notes of rosewood, patchouli and cedar are in the heart, while the base consists of musk, vetiver and tonka bean.

The fragrances are available as an Eau de Toilette. The nose behind this fragrance is Sonia Constant.

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