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RALPH LAUREN Romance GIFTset (3 pcs)

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RALPH LAUREN Romance GIFTset (3 pcs)
1. RALPH LAUREN Romance eau de PARFUM 100ml
2. RALPH LAUREN Sensuous BODY Moisturizer 75ml
3. RALPH LAUREN Sensuous Bath & Shower GEL 75ml
Romance is a scent of romantic love and intimate moments full of joy and happiness, with an endlessly positive aura. At the beginning of the composition the notes of rose blend with citrusy oils and receive an unusual, unique melody. The pellucid flower of water lily, lily and romantic white violet give this perfume its silent grace and the spicy notes of carnation and ginger refresh. Patchouli, oakmoss and white musk finish the composition gently.
BAR CODE : 3605971986062-75(giftset)
GIFTset of 3 pcs

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