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Ralph Lauren POLO BLACK Deodorant stick 75ml for MEN

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This Ralph LAUREN POLO BLACK Deodorant Stick is an alchohol FREE Deosorant that last and protect.  Best for any occation! The scent of POLO BLACK in your deodorant stick is a real blast!!! Perfect for night out with with your girl and even in your daily job.

Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men 2.5 oz Deodorant Stick Alcohol-Free.
Occasion: Day,Night
Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men 2.5 oz Deodorant Stick Alcohol-Free: Buy Ralph Lauren Deodorants - Polo Black is inspired by the modern and sexy man who exudes confidence and style. A guy who knows how to play with his downtown attitude and urban flair. The scent is an aromatic expression of woody notes with iced mango, silver armoise and patchouli noir.
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