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Boss Pure Hugo Boss EDT for men -
Hugo Boss

BOSS Hugo Boss P U R E EDT 75ml / 50ml Men

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In April 2008 Hugo Boss launches new fragrance for men with very strong refreshing notes. It is a modern fragrance composed of luminous sunny citruses blended with woodsy notes. This scent is made to represent purity and freshness of water. The fragrance is named simply Pure. The bottle is simple, of straight square lines, transparent and filled with bluish colored fragrance. The fragrance is inspired with the power of water and the cool blue color is in line with its name and composition. Boss Pure include notes of fig water, Mediterranean citrus, a heart of lily and hyacinth, and a base notes of Massoia wood. Will Andrews (P & G perfumes) in cooperation with IFF created this scent, and the "Pure by Boss" collection includes eau de toilette in two sizes 50ml (1.7 fl.oz.) and 75ml (2.5 fl.oz.), shower gel 150ml (5 fl.oz.), after shave 75ml (2.5 fl.oz.), and a 60ml (2.4 fl.oz.) deo stick.

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