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Moschino Cheap And Chic Hippy Fizz EDT -

MOSCHINO Hippy Fizz Cheap & Chic EDT for HER

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Cheap & Chic Hippy Fizz arrived in floral rhythm in 2008. It was created of aromas of raspberry leaves, May rose, violets from Parma, magnolia, lotus, cedar, osmanthus and sensual musk. The perfume is inspired by spring freshness, charming breezes which make each moment magic. The 'Olive' bottle is spontaneous and cheerful. It has the same shape as previous editions of Cheap & Chic, with a top coloured like fuxia, body of milky glass, with flower applications with spring buds and petals. Besides the perfume editions of 30, 50 and 200 ml edt, a line of body care products is available and it includes: perfumed body deodorant of 100 ml, perfumed foam bath and shower gel tube of 200 ml, as well as Silky Body Lotion Tube of 200ml. The nose behind this fragrance is Vincente Marcello.
Perfume rating: 3.81 out of 5 with 645 votes.

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