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Kenneth Cole Mankind Ultimate Edt -
Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Mankind Ultimate Edt

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As successor of the fragrance from 2013 Kenneth Cole Mankind, the new men’s edition Mankind Ultimate puts woody notes into center of attention. Unlike the first perfume, which was characteristic for its blend of warm spices and precious notes, the new Mankind Ultimate contains intense woody accords, refreshed subtly with citruses and cucumber. MANKIND ULTIMATE has been announced as a new addition to the collection Mankind which would celebrate the evolution of the modern man. He is self-confident, mentally strong and decisive to accept challenges of everyday life.

The composition of MANKIND ULTIMATE opens with freshness of citruses, aquatic notes and green, refreshing aromas of cucumber announcing a mixture of vetiver, sandalwood and cashmere notes. Warmth originates from tonka and musk, with a tart twist of moss. The new fragrance Mankind Ultimate comes in the same flacon form as its antecedent, but the glass is colored in gray this time.

Kenneth Cole Mankind Ultimate is available as 100ml edt, and can be ordered on the official website of Kenneth Cole. Advertising face of the new fragrance is Noah Galloway. On the occasion of launching the new edition, Kenneth Colestates: "Noah Galloway s defined by his strength. That strength comes from his will of achievement, wish of competition, love of surrender, feeling of style and brave heart. Eventually, the ultimate strength comes within." Mankind Ultimatewas launched in 2015.

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