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INNISFREE Green tea balancing lotion 160ml

INNISFREE Green tea balancing lotion 160ml

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. Green tea squeezed from the fresh green tea leaves harvested on Jeju Island is rich in amino acids and minerals to keep the skin better moisturized.*

2. It can be applied effortlessly to the skin with a sensation like water droplets bursting to the touch, and is absorbed neatly with a smooth and fresh finish. *

3.The natural moisturizing factor betaine from amino acids provides intense moisture to combination skin to restore the skin's natural oil-moisture balance.*

*3 types of skin care in 3 level moisture care
- Oily Skin : The Green Tea Fresh Line
- Combination Skin : The Green Tea Balancing Line
- Dry Skin : The Green tea Moisture Line
- Special Moisturizing and Nourishing Care Line : The Green Tea Seed Line

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