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Hugo XX EDP -
Hugo Boss


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40ML   Summer editions have been offered to us by the house of Hugo Boss, as well, and they will arrive on the market mid April 2009. The fragrances were inspired by a modern interpretation of relationship between man and woman, their beautiful game of the opposites and irresistible attraction. Hugo XX Summer Edition for women was presented as a feminine and sensual discovery, which provokes with its refreshing notes of quince in a top, combined with jasmine petals and apricot in a heart. A seductive blend of fruity and floral notes rests on a woody base composed of sandalwood, which gives woody-creamy charm to the perfume. The fragrances are available as 60 and 100ml (2 and 3.4 oz) EDT, in flacons made of blurry, frozen glass, with a silver stopper, and they associate of a summer drink which will refresh you during hot, summer months. Shape of the flacon is very elegant, simple and modern. The fragrant pair Hugo Summer Edition is a limited edition.

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