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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein CK Down Town (EDP/Women)

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Downtown aims at a younger population which prefers sweet fragrances. The perfume is constructed as floral-woody and it was created by perfumer Ann Gottlieb of Givaudan. The composition opens in a foamy and dashy way, with notes of Italian lemon, bergamot, Tunisian neroli, green pear and aquatic plum. The heart incorporates gentle gardenia petals combined with pink pepper and violet leaves on a base of cedar from Texas, incense, vetiver and velvety musk Downtown arrives in four sizes of flacons and will be available as EDP. Besides the perfume, the collection also includes body lotion, body bath, body mist–body fragrance. CALVIN KLEIN CK Down Town (Eau de Parfum / Women) 30ml SKU: 3 607349 363758 CALVIN KLEIN CK Down Town (Eau de Parfum / Women) 50ml SKU: 3 607349 363710 CALVIN KLEIN CK Down Town (Eau de Parfum / Women) 90ml SKU: 3 607349

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