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Miniature - Michael Kors EDP for Women -
Michael Kors

Miniature - Michael Kors EDP for Women

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Michael Kors Perfume by Michael Kors, When developing Michael by Michael Kors, perfume masters have attempted the impossible: trapping a blend of global ideas on femininity in one bottle . With its flowery notes and spicy undertones, the Michael Kors signature perfume is for women who need a casual fragrance for the office, day-to-day errands, and daily use. It is one of the best and most versatile day-wear options available, offering a rich but relaxed scent that embodies both simplicity and modernity at once. Choose this option for yourself or a woman in your life who is both elegant and easygoing.

A Michael Kors Fragrance for the Modern Woman
This Michael Kors fragrance is for ladies who want to exude personality and confidence. Wearing this fragrance is about being traditional and polite but in an exotic and sensual way. It’s about consolidating the contradictions of being a modern lady into one smooth, appealing fragrance. It’s surprisingly versatile in its uses as well. Whether you’re traveling to a foreign locale, holding a meeting at an office, or enjoying the evening out, this scent suits the situation. For everyday, every-season wear, this will likely become your next favorite perfume. Michael Kors has certainly captured lightning in a bottle!

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