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Viktor & Rolf

Viktor and Rolf is an Amsterdam-based design house. The "Viktor and Rolf" of the house's name are Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. Both Viktor and Rolf were conceived in 1969, and met when they contemplated form at the Academy of the Arts at Arnhem. The combine look to some extent like each other and are known for being captured or strutting down the catwalk after the form appears in indistinguishable outfits.

Such scenes are likewise present in their design appears, which appear as aesthetic introductions and which have included such fascinating sights as a solitary model being wearing nine unique layers of couture outfits, form demonstrates that highlighted models wearing blue garments that filled in as a "blue screen" for film projections, and shows in which each model wore her own particular platform with her own particular lights and music. For their first menswear accumulation, "Monsieur," Viktor and Rolf demonstrated the dressing themselves, changing outfits in front of an audience before the press and visitors.

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