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Wellage Vita Red Wrinkle Care VT250mg,2.5ml (5 sheets)

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Wellage Vita Red Wrinkle Care VT250mg,2.5ml (5 sheets)

It’s bio-cosmetics cares skin through fundamental improvement of skin. Long lasting Revitalizing It’s developed by technique of top class company in skin care field. Main Ingredients: Vitamin C, Peptide, Adenosine, Niacinamide Stable pure vitamin powder is used for the best result. Whitening by reducing melanin. Protect skin by reducing harmfull oxygen. Keeps skin elastic by promoting collagen generation. STEP 1: Vitamin C Powder (250mg + 2.5ml) in Syringe Ampoule Open the upper lid and push the well-mixed Vitamin C and essence into the mask pack. Close the lid and mix well. STEP 2: Vita Blue Pack/ Moisturizing Care (22ml) After injecting the Vitamin C + Essence into the mask, allow the mask to be placed on skin for 10-20 minutes. Tap / Massage the remaining essence on skin for absorption.

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