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Oozoo Injection Mask Hydro Lift 2.7ml x 5 sheets

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Oozoo Injection Mask Hydro Lift 2.7ml x 5 sheets

OOZOO Face Injection Mask Hydro Lift Main Effect : Illumination natural ingredients including Saccharomyces, Ectoine and Beta-Glucan which works efficiently together to brighten up the skin tone. This brings natural rosy radiance to the skin while also providing rich moisture for a more dewy smooth complexion. Feature: Face injection masks which include a syringe full of beta-glucan, ceramide, and Ectoin-rich essence that one injects into the mask itself. Capacity: 5 pcs Country Of Origin: Korea Shelf Life: 3years (based on the manufacturing date printed on the product) Suitable For: All skin types How To Use: 1. Push the button on the top of the syringe to mix the ampoule with the serum 2. Insert the syringe needle into the cap of the mask pouch and press the plunger all the way down to inject the mixing ampoule. 3. Pad pouch to soak the ampoule to mask. 4. Take out the mask and apply it onto face. Take it off 15-20 minutes later and let the remaining essence absorb by tapping and massaging face. Lifting and moisturizing. This lifting mask provides intense moisture as it lifts and firms the skin. Ceramide locks in nutrients to retain skin’s moisture balance with anti-aging benefits. Beta-glucan protects skin from dramatic temperature change caused by air conditioners, heaters, and natural elements. Tired and stressed skin will get a much-needed boost of energy and vitality. The syringe ampoule mask pack is new technology developed by OoZoo. The ampoule at the top of the syringe is made of ceramide, which activates once mixed with the serum in the lower syringe chamber. Keeping the two ampoules separate until moments before use, ensures that the active ingredients are fresh. The sheet is made of micro-fiber for an incredibly soft touch and conforms to the face better than traditional sheet masks. This design helps the mask supply moisture consistently and evenly. Longer use can achieve amazing water brightening effect. Due to its ampoule injection, the ampoule inside syringe can retain freshly. Improve elasticity and brightening skin greatly after use.

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