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The organization was established in 1969 by two youthful Australian surfers, Alan Green and John Law. The Quiksilver logo, a peaking wave and snowcapped mountain, is composed by the organization organizer Alan Green in Torquay, Victoria, Australia in the mid 1970s. It was motivated by Japanese craftsman Hokusai's woodcut "The Incomparable Wave off Kanagawa". The objective of the organization was to make the most ideal shorts for surfing. Two American surfers, Robert B. McKnight and Jeffrey Hakman, chose to get the authorizing rights for Quiksilver, a six year-old organization situated in Torquay, Australia. McKnight and Hakman's prosperity with the Quiksilver mark name started in 1976, when Hakman entered a surfing rivalry in Australia. The main line of clothing was likewise propelled in that year.

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