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Paloma Picasso

The scent made by Paloma Picasso - the girl of the famoud painter. This a fragrant self-picture. Her maternal granddad was a perfumer, along these lines, as a tyke, she knew about joining smells, making aromas. Her masterful ability is something she acquired from her dad, in this manner she was extremely effective in her work as an adornments creator for Yves Saint Laurent and Tiffany and Co. Her most loved scent is Chanel Nº 5, so she needed to make a fragrance with an aldehydic accord. Red is her most loved shading and dark is an image of force. This fragrance is an exquisite botanical chypre with a medditerenian personality, but since the aroma was exceptionally mind boggling it was difficult to market it. She was worried about the possibility that that her partners would change the equation, yet fortunately, this didn't occur. The scent opens with a crisp and zesty note of coriander, angelica and carnation.

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