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TESTER-Live PLATINUM Jennifer Lopez  Limited edition EDP/WOMEN -
Jennifer Lopez

TESTER-Live PLATINUM Jennifer Lopez Limited edition EDP/WOMEN

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This autumn, J.Lo. will thrill all fans of her fruity-floral cocktail Live presented in 2005 in a beautiful bottle, with lively and cheerful aromas of summer, game and rhythm. New edition, its successor, LIVE PLATINUM, arrives in design inspired by snow. Its bottle is fragile and unique as a snowflake, which will melt on your neck and wrists and win you over with its aromas. Live Platinum arrives in a glass bottle which refracts snow-white rays and has the same shape as its antecedent. It is decorated with a pendant shaped like a snow-flake on the neck of the bottle. The composition offers a blend of gourmand notes of marzipan, plum and ruby grapefruit, to warm and inspire your snowy days, accompanied with Christmas rose, orange blossom and hint of heliotrope accords in the heart of composition. The base combines vanilla, musk, white cedar wood and amber. Perfumer is Givaudan

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