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Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier is a French form fashioner whose first gathering was exhibited in 1976. Having no formal preparing in mold plan, he started his profession at a youthful age by sending his portrayals to popular couture fashioners of the day. Pierre Cardin and Jean Patou are among the creators who perceived his ability and helped him begin in the business. Known as the enfant ghastly of form, Gaultier's outlines run the array from road wear to high fashion. He presented skirts for men in the 1980s and outlined the particular cone bra worn by Madonna in the mid 1990s.

The main fragrance of the Gaultier house was propelled in 1993—the well known Jean Paul Gaultier EDP for ladies, whose name was in this way changed to Classique. Classique was trailed by Le Male in 1995, and Delicate in 1999. Every one of them were known for their curious bundling and irregular organizations. Restricted version flankers have been discharged for a number of the scents, highlighting new "designs" for the containers. Jean Paul Gaultier produces scents in conjunction with Beaute Glory Worldwide.

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