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David Bekham

David Beckham is increasing his fragrance line with a brand new unleash Classic, dedicated to men of fashion. David Beckham, as a world vogue icon and trendsetter, embodies masculinity and modernness and is aware of the way to mix up to date vogue with classic class.

Classic could be a fragrance that balances "charismatic masculinity and classic elegance", developed by Aurelien Guichard. prime notes embody recent citrusy flavors of gin and tonic, lime and gum albanum. Cypress, nutmeg and recent mint within the heart square measure rounded by the nice and cozy woody base of vetiver, cedar and amber.

Carré Basset styles the packaging. The fragrance is offered as forty Associate in Nursingd sixty mil Eau DE dressing with an attendant assortment for care. David Beckham Classic was launched in 2013.

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