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The structure is made around the ginger lily, otherwise called a butterfly lily, a Himalayan substantial petalled white blossom. Developing in brutal high mountains atmosphere, this plant blossoms for just half a month in the spring time, and each bloom lives just for a couple of hours, what makes it troublesome, practically unimaginable, to separate the oil. An IFF spearheading specialist, Dr. Braja Mookherjee, figured out how to investigate the oil structure utilizing the 'living-blossom' method, and to duplicate the aroma of the ginger lily, what empowered the mechanical creation. Cabotine is the primary fragrance which contains ginger lily in its creation.

The top notes contain blackcurrant buds, pear, plum and corriander. The heart is made out of rose, tuberose, ylang-ylang, ginger lily, hyacinth, heliotrop, fresia, violet and iris. The base notes are cedarwood, vanilla, tonka bean, cybet, musk and golden. The scent was made in 1990. The jug, whose plug was transformed into a state of blossom, was made by Thierry Lecoule.

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